IFG Team and its

IFG Team and its "Glorious Leaders"

Our management, senior partners and employees are unique individuals whose varied talents and experiences bring value to the way our clients and investors connect with us.


Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Senior Partner

Peter G Johnson has more than 28 years experience in Public Affairs, Marketing and Management roles.  He held positions of Public Affairs Manager of the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia (CMA) and the Marketing Manager of the National Basketball League (NBL).  His current position is the Managing Director of a UK Company, which manages a Golf and Country Club in the West Midlands. 
Peter spends his time in both Australia and the United Kingdom. 

Peter holds a Master of Business (Marketing) from Monash University in Melbourne.

Tel: 02 62952270, Email: pjohnson@interfacefinancial.com, Kingston, A.C.T.

"Without IFG we would have had a tough time finding funding for our contracts. You and your team go above and beyond in helping small companies meet their  financial needs”

Joseph H Haggler, Director, Quartus Corporation

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