Funding in 24 Hours

Funding in 24 Hours

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) provides financial resources to clients in over 30 industries. With over 150 offices and over 45 years in business, IFG is ready to meet your short-term financing needs. We service companies in the North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.

Client Portal Videos


New User Creation
1 New User Creation
This video shows how to create your account with IFG.
First Login and Overview
2 First Login and Overview
This video shows what your screen will look like on first login, reviews the details of the Overview page and shows how to navigate the portal.
Account Page
3 Account Page
This video reviews the process for managing your account details and the users on your account
4 Alerts
This video shows how to manage your alerts.
Customer Approval and New Transactions
5 Customer Approval and New Transactions
This video reviews the individual customer approval process and how to submit a new transaction to IFG using the Client Portal.
6 Scenarios
This video reviews all of the looks and feels of the Client Portal when a client's account status changes.
Reports and Final
7 Reports and Final
This video reviews all of the reports available on the site as well as how to contact IFG directly.


"Without IFG we would have had a tough time funding our contracts. You and your team go above and beyond in helping small companies meet there financial needs”

Joseph H Haggler IV, President Quartus Corporation

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